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Why Obedio?

Our multi-faceted organisation specialises in internet and communication solutions for commercial, domestic and personal use.

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Who are Obedio?

The featured video discuss Obedio, who we are? what we do? and most importantly why we do it? At Obedio our goal is to bridge the digital divide across the UK. We firmly believe that high speed broadband is not only a possibility but a neccesity for everyone in the modern day world. Our video series is designed to help our customers with WiFi tips & Tech Troubleshooting – Check it out below.

iPhone 15 line up

Need a New Mobile?

Go Green with Obedio

Go Green With Obedio – Check out our range of Greenly Refurbished (as good as new) mobile phones. Latest models are available, perfect for both personal and business use


Broadband, in unlikely places.

Your location shouldn’t affect your connectivity – stay online with NotSpot!

Reach out

Rural and hard to reach solutions: Systems developed to exploit all the major benefits of the UK’s LTE backbone with a fully managed solution. We provide the data and many clever features including fully functional IoT.

Utter VoIP

Packed with call management features so you can take the office home.

What is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol uses a cloud based system to make calls, whether it’s from your desk phone, mobile or computer. This flexible alternative is highly secure & reliable whilst giving you access to all the features you’d expect from an office phone. Take advantage of this cost-effective solution & work from anywhere!


An enterprise-grade management platform

Robust connectivity and WiFi management with the highest levels of security. 

WiFi: Plan, install and support WiFi deployment bringing fast broadband to every point of your location. From simple unified home WiFi through to Guest WiFi, Multi-Level Access and Fully Managed.

Business-grade Sim only deal with a market-beating price and a bundle of first-class features

Disruptive Sim Only Deal: 1-month contract with the features and bonuses usually the preserve of long-term commitments, unlimited UK calls bundled together with unlimited data. 
Unlimited call plans to the EU are available, not just roaming in the EU – and international call plans too!

Providing Fibre to your business

Solutions we provide: FTTP (Fibre To The Premises), FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) and Ethernet Access installed by Openreach fully managed with disruptive prices. 

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