Case Study - Heritage Live

The Event Background

Heritage Live music concerts are staged at some of England’s most beautiful and culturally significant venues. World-class performances at jaw-dropping locations are what they’re about—featuring globally renowned artists such as Sir Tom Jones and Robbie Williams.

Due to the size of the concerts a strong and robust broadband and internet connection is crucial. Our successful performances at past events are what allow us to continue to work at such prestigious events.

The Task

  • Safety: Password-protected WiFi with a fast & robust internet connection.
  • Ticket Checks: Strong & reliable connection is needed for scanning ticket barcodes to ensure the legitimacy of tickets.
  • Merchant Trading: All traders require access to internet to allow them to take thousands of electronic payments every hour.
  • Communication: Communication could be the most integral part of all event success. Heritage required VoIP connections over the entire site, keeping everyone connected from office staff & event security to the artists themselves and their liaisons.
  • Office equipment: Connection is required for all office equipment on the day of and leading up to the event; for tasks such as printing schedules and VIP passes for the guests.

The Outcome

Obedio broadband is proud to be the main provider of fast robust and reliable broadband to multiple of the Heritage Live music concerts. The amazing settings for these events create a challange due to the size of the area that is needed to be covered. 

All of the Heritage Live installations are critical and need to work first time in a timely and robust manner. they cannot afford to be let down by technology during high pressure events holding thousands of people, all of who are expecting a seemless expirence from start to finish.

But a challenge is what Obedio thrive on and we continue to succeed and make it possible for such prestigious events to take run smoothly from start to finish.