Case Study - Hob Hay Farm

The Background

Charlie, the owner of Hob hay Farm, faces significant challenges in obtaining any form of connectivity on his working farm located in Elkstones. The remote and rural nature of the area presents obstacles to achieving reliable internet access. Without a stable connection, Charlie encounters difficulties in effectively managing his farm operations and leveraging the benefits of IoT (Internet of Things) applications, along with struggles fulfilling the administration side of the farm due to slow speeds.


The Task

Before finding Obedio the farm was very much run in a traditional way mainly due to the lack of availability of a fast and robust internet connection. The area lacks broadband access, and even telephone lines work sporadically. The closest usable 4G/5G mast is approximately 12 kilometres away, exacerbating the problem. Determined to overcome this obstacle, Charlie sought a solution from Obedio.

Obedio provided a comprehensive solution, delivering our mastband service providing a stable and high-speed internet connection on the farm. With our expertise, Charlie achieved impressive results, achieving an 80Mbps connection. This significant improvement enabled Charlie to implement a Jelled WiFi coverage across all farm buildings, crucial for supporting IoT applications.

Our Overview

Obedio Broadband is proud to be the provider of fast, robust and reliable broadband to the farm. They now heavily rely on connectivity to effectively manage their farm buildings and utilise IoT (Internet of Things) applications. The modern farming practices and automated systems on his farm require a stable and reliable internet connection. From monitoring livestock and crop conditions to managing irrigation systems and machinery, connectivity plays a vital role in optimising efficiency and productivity. This enables him to collect real-time data, make informed decisions, and remotely control various farm operations. The connectivity allows Charlie to streamline his farming processes, improve yield, and ensure the overall success of his farm.


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