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15 Advantages of Event WiFi

15 advantages of event wifi

At Obedio, we understand the world has reached a point where WiFi is a necessity when and wherever you are! Technology forms the backbone of connectivity, particularly in the events industry where the reliance on contactless systems continues to surge. Event Wifi has become a must, and this blog post explains why.

When orchestrating an event, the provision of robust WiFi becomes a non-negotiable necessity for staff, vendors, and even attendees. Some of the biggest events around the world rely on fast and reliable event wifi, for example the Glastonbury festival will have the highest capacity wifi they have ever done in 2023. In this blog, we’ll highlight 15 key advantages of Obedio’s Event WiFi at your event and how it will make your event a roaring success.

The Advantages of Event WiFi

Having Wifi at events has become expected to many people that go. In the age of the internet people want to be posting what they are doing and creating social content for themselves. It also has many advantages to the event itself, lets dive deeper into the reasons why wifi at events is a must.

Contactless Payments

event wifi for contactless payments

Contactless Payments – As the UK witnesses a staggering 75% of transactions electronic payment methods (E.g. Cards or Apple Pay), the indispensability of WiFi for seamless payment is now something that both businesses and events can’t go without.

Without a dependable WiFi network, the execution of card payments via PDQ machines becomes a challenge. As at events with a large footfall signal becomes congested ruling out mobile signals. By ensuring strong Event WiFi connectivity (through Obedio), you not only meet the expectations set by the post-COVID era but also significantly enhance the satisfaction of both vendors and guests.

Strengthening Security with Event WiFi

Strengthening Security – A robust WiFi network at events allows your staff and security team to operate more efficiently, ensuring the welfare of your guests.

Larger events often opt for a hardwired connection in critical areas like medical tents and staff offices, guaranteeing a strong signal during emergencies. Obedio can also help with a CCTV system, bolstering site security and potentially aiding in securing vital licenses for the event.

Providing Vendors/Bars with WiFi at Your Event

provide vendors and bars at events

Vendors – Good Event WiFi is a decisive factor for vendors. Reliable connectivity is not merely a preference; it’s a requirement for electronic transactions. By furnishing a dependable network, you can attract and retain vendors of the highest quality.

Vendors are substantially more inclined to participate in an event when assured of reliable WiFi—a factor that significantly influences their decision, increasing revenue and bookings. Obedio have never had any complaints from vendors about the quality of service being provided.

Event WiFi for E-Ticketing

E-Tickets – Prioritising COVID Safety In the wake of the pandemic’s impact on the events industry, with a lot of events turning to E-Tickets. Obedio’s event WiFi enables e-ticketing, contributing to environmental sustainability and obviating the need for physical ticket transfers, especially at gate entrances, ensuring a safer event environment.

Improving Guest Satisfaction at Your Event

improve guest satisfaction at events

Guest Satisfaction – The gratification of event attendees remains a big concern in the industry. Beyond various contributing factors, the role of reliable WiFi in improving guest experiences cannot be overstated.

Reducing wait times and queue lengths by streamlining vendor transactions via faster Event WiFi significantly enhances guest satisfaction and, subsequently, their willingness to invest more—a leverage that propels event growth. We have all been at a point where we have had to cue for over an hour to get a bite to eat, this is not something that needs to happen with modern technology.

Social Media Sharing at the Event

Social Media Sharing – Beyond vendor/bar WiFi, public WiFi deployment across event spaces or specifically in designated areas like VIP lounges and bars can increase social exposure.

Encouraging guests to share their event experiences on social media platforms not only pushes event visibility and brand exposure but also improves the event’s advertising value. Making it more attractive to brands whether that be vendors or sponsors.

post on social media at events

Live Streaming through Event Wifi

live stream events with our wifi

Live Event Streaming – Events have witnessed a shift towards live streaming as a complement to in-person attendance. Leveraging platforms like Instagram and Facebook Live has become a norm, offering remote viewing to a wider audience.

For successful event streaming, a robust WiFi or wired setup is crucial. Obedio can provide a set up to ensure you can achieve a strong and stable connection that would perfectly suit live streaming.

Increase Revenue with Obedio Event WiFi

Additional Revenue Streams – Where WiFi at events is seen as an expense, it can serve as a revenue-generating asset. Many of our event WiFi clients have utilised the connectivity as a rationale for higher vendor fees. VENDORS ARE HAPPY TO PAY EXTRA FOR STABLE WIFI!

Furthermore, offering paid public WiFi connections can yield substantial revenue when strategically marketed.

increase sales with event wifi

Attracting sponsors through Event WiFi

notspot event wifi

Attracting Sponsors – Employing the WiFi solution as a promotional utility for sponsors is an effective strategy to elevate brand visibility and create a symbiotic relationship between sponsors and event organisers.

Our clients in the past have displayed sponsor names and logos on the WiFi login page or customising the SSID for additional brand exposure creating a mutually beneficial partnership.

Communication – VoIP for Events

Keeping Staff Connected – Seamless connectivity among event staff is paramount for the event’s operational smoothness. Enabling communication through emails and video calls and of course VoIP, enhancing coordination among various event teams.

Obedio can provide your event with a full VoIP (through our UtterVoIP service) set up giving different areas of operations their own hardware to create a bullet-proof form of communication for the events team.

voip for events

Building a Contact List

Getting Contacts – Leveraging WiFi to encourage online engagement and gather guest information via a dedicated landing page allows the event’s social media marketing to effectively increase conversion rates. You can also use the ‘signed up’ email addresses (as long as you’re sure to include it in the terms and conditions) for future marketing and continue to develop relationships with these customers and further aid event growth.

Returning Customer

Returning customers –  Providing an exceptional guest experience with efficient WiFi, shorter queue times, and online ticketing encourages patrons to return, increasing brand loyalty. Also, as mentioned above there’s potential to aim future marketing at these customers to get them to return.event wifi with obedio

Become Instagramable with Event WiFi

create instagramable events

Becoming Instagramable – Engagement online is crucial for growth of an event, many festivals have created specific areas/ signage to make the event recognisable and create a buzz around the location. An event getting thousands of it’s attendees to share the same location/imagery on social media can create a sense of FOMO around the event driving footfall and ticket sales.

Obedio can provide this area with a designated WiFi signal to allow the pictures to be shared and drive footfall to this location thus boosting brand exposure.

Event WiFi Can Boost Revenue

Revenue Booster – Employing WiFi as a justification for increased vendor fees helps in maximising event revenue. Rural events especially benefit from the availability of reliable WiFi, allowing for higher pitch fees to be charged. Obedio sometimes sees an increase in price that would fully pay for the event WiFi, creating a sense of there being no reason to not have it.

increase event revenue

Event WiFi Can Reduce Costs

Cost Savings & Reduced RiskObedio’s ability to provide a rock-solid and speedy signal not only minimises the risk of issues at the event but it also represents a cost-effective measure, fostering cashless transactions and reducing expenses associated with security, ticketing, and point-of-sale systems.

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