What is a VoIP service for small businesses?

What is a VoIP service for small businesses? First of all, what is VoIP? Voice over Internet Protocol is a technology that allows you to make calls using the internet rather than over phone lines as with a traditional phone system. Nearly 1 in 3 employees now work at remote companies, increasing demand for VoIP (Source – https://findstack.com/voip-statistics/).

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How VoIP for business works

How does it work? VoIP converts your analog voice signals and converts them to digital data. The digital data gets sent to a server before connecting to the internet then it gets converted back to analog audio. You can make calls the same as a regular phone but you can also do a lot more, such as video conferencing, SMS and instant messaging, and call recording. With a VoIP system, you have everything you need all under one system. All you need is an internet connection.

VoIP can be split into two types business VoIP and consumer VoIP. Consumer VoIP is more basic only offering features like caller ID and voicemail. VoIP business has additional features like:

  • Auto-attendant
  • Conference calling
  • Call forwarding
  • Phone directories
  • Interactive voice response
  • Presence information

What are the benefits of a VoIP service for small businesses?

Small business owners need as much support as they can get so you can boost their business and compete with the big brands using VoIP for business.

So, what are some of the main benefits of small business VoIP?

Remote working and mobility.

In recent times it’s become more and more important to have the ability to work from home or from anywhere in the world. Businesses are allowing their employees to work from home, so as the business world evolves companies need to keep up with the latest technology in collaboration. One of the biggest challenges for remote working is connectivity – especially in a role where employees are required to make a lot of phone calls. A VoIP system eases this process and allows employees to work from home.

All an employee needs are access to the internet and they can use a business VoIP system. VoIP also integrates with mobile devices – Android, iOS, or otherwise – so employees can continue making calls on the go. It’s great for when employees are on client meetings or traveling for work.

cloud-based VoIP system

Save money

You can save money with an all-in-one VoIP system as it’s generally cheaper than a traditional phone line. 82% of companies report a cost saving when moving to the cloud (Source – https://findstack.com/voip-statistics/). There are a number of areas which VoIP can save you and your business money.

  • With VoIP you don’t need any kind of special hardware, you only need an internet connection and a laptop or mobile phone to use it.
  • Call costs are generally lower as you don’t need to pay for line rentals or similar costs
  • VoIP users arent tied down to one location as they aren’t any location charges or international charges.
  • Employees aren’t tied down to an office so there are no office expenses
  • Any issues with the system will be handled by the system provider and not a costly IT provider.

Loads of great features

VoIP system for business isn’t just about voice calls to others. They come with tonnes of other features.  Not only do you get everything you would expect from a calling service, such as video calling, messaging, and call routing, you get high-tech features that improve the way your business operates. These include customisable caller IDs, online meetings, and even faxing from a computer or mobile device.

VoIP systems can grow with your business. While you might only need basic services to begin with, as your business grows so can your VoIP capabilities. You can easily integrate extra phones and devices for new employees, for example, which may be complex when using a landline.

Business VoIP service providers know that your business is never static. The best businesses are always growing and moving – and a VoIP system caters to your success.

Should you get a VoIP service for your small business?

If you have a number of employees that work from home or remotely anywhere in the world then VoIP should 100% be something to consider. Communication is key to any business so having a way to easily communicate with you and your customers will increase productivity and increase sales. It’s also very useful to have other feautures like instant messaging services between employees. It will save you money in phone bills, make your business more efficient and allow you to scale as your business grows without much extra cost.

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