What is SoGEA Broadband?

SoGEA or Single Order Generic Ethernet Access means that you or the provider do not have to install a traditional copper phone line to have an internet connection. Many people and businesses these days don’t need or want a phone line, this is where SoGEA comes in and it has a number of great advantages.

SoGEA is cheaper than regular broadband

The cost of a phone line and broadband is normally more expensive that SoGEA so you and your business can save money if you decide to go for it.

SoGEA is fast

SOGEA gives downloads of up to 80Mbs using the same reliable technology as FTTC. There are a few different options when it comes to speed on SoGEA Fibre Broadband:

The up-to speeds that are currently available are:

  • SoGEA 40mb / 10mb
  • SoGEA 55mb / 10mb
  • SoGEA 80mb / 20mb
  • SoGFast 160mb / 30mb
  • SoGFAST 330mb / 50mb
SoGEA for your business

Quicker fix times/ more reliable

Since SoGEA is just an internet connection you don’t need to go through all the customer support processes that you would normally with broadband service. It’s just a case of calling one number and you are through to support. Also, there is simply less to go wrong with SoGEA and phone lines are not in the equation.

Since there is no traditional phone line frequencies being used, there is less of a chance of interference and an unstable connection.

The drawback of SoGEA is that users don’t have access to a phone number. SoGEA does not allow users to connect a traditional phone to the BT Socket. Users will have to adopt VOIP to be able to make and receive phone calls. We have this service available on our other website UtterVoIP.

Is SoGEA available everywhere? Can I get it?

SoGEA is not available everywhere yet but it is available to 28 million premises across the UK. It will become more and more common over the next few years. You can use our availability checker to find out what is available at your premises. 

SoGEA availability checker

Click here to go to a SoGEA availability checker.

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