WiFi 7: Everything you need to know about the future of WiFi!

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The Basics of WiFi 7: What You Really Need To Know

What Is WiFi 7?: Wi-Fi 7 operates in the 6GHz spectrum, catapulting internet speeds to new heights.         When is it Available?: Released on January 8, 2024, by the Wi-Fi Alliance, this cutting-edge technology is now available in the US, UK, Australia, Japan, and Mexico. However, regulatory approval is still pending in many other countries, so it’s crucial to stay tuned for updates on global availability.                                           How Much Will it Cost?: The cost vary and will depend on the router you buy. The cheapest options are likely to be those provided by your internet service provider, but you may have to spend more than £1,000 for the very best Wi-Fi 7 mesh routers. If you get in touch with us at Obedio we’ll be happy to find something suitable to your budget.

What is WiFi 7?

The upcoming Wi-Fi 7, stands as the seventh generation, boasting substantial enhancements beyond Wi-Fi 6 and 6E. With the potential to deliver speeds up to four times faster, Wi-Fi 7 introduces intelligent innovations to minimise latency, increase capacity, and enhance overall stability and efficiency. Wi-Fi 7 continues the trend. It maintains backward compatibility, ensuring interoperability with previous standards. However, to fully harness the benefits of its novel features and improved performance, upgrading your devices may be imperative.

Experience the future of wireless connectivity with the latest advancement – WiFi 7 (802.11be). In this post, we’ll break down the key features, explore its benefits, and help you decide if it’s the right upgrade for you.

Specs and Performance Highlights:

Wi-Fi 7 introduces several key features to enhance performance. The inclusion of 320MHz channels, double the size of 160MHz channels, results in remarkably fast speeds. Multi-Link Operation (MLO) enables devices to transmit and receive data across multiple bands simultaneously, ensuring a more reliable connection with higher throughput.

For virtual reality enthusiasts, Wi-Fi 7 brings deterministic latency, improving tracking performance. The 4K QAM (Quadrature Amplitude Modulation) feature sends 20% more data than the current standard, contributing to the technology’s impressive speed.

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Why is WiFi 7 so impressive?

Embrace faster speeds and improved performance as WiFi 7 takes the center stage in wireless technology. With a maximum speed of 46 Gbps per client, it outshines its predecessors, thanks to advanced modulation techniques and channel bonding.

Efficiency Matters

Enhanced efficiency through better channel management and superior multi-user capabilities. Designed to handle a higher number of devices simultaneously, it’s perfect for bustling environments like offices, hospitality venues, and public spaces.

Say Goodbye to Latency

Enjoy a more responsive user experience with reduced latency, a crucial feature for online gaming and video conferencing enthusiasts. WiFi 7 ensures a seamless connection, making your digital activities smoother than ever.

Security Reinvented

WiFi 7 doesn’t compromise on security. With new features, it strengthens protocols to protect against evolving cyber threats, creating a safer wireless environment for users.

Wider Channels, Better Performance

Expanding on WiFi 6E’s 160 MHz bandwidth, WiFi 7 doubles the channel width to 320 MHz, courtesy of the new spectrum in the 6 GHz band.

Do You Need To Upgrade To WiFi 7 Yet?

  • High-Density Environments: If you’re in a crowded area or work with numerous connected devices, the efficiency of WiFi 7 in handling multiple connections simultaneously is a compelling reason to upgrade. If you’re not 100% sure whether this is you get in touch and we’ll talk you through whether you need to improve your current connection.

  • Current Networking Devices: If your devices already support WiFi 6, immediate benefits may not be apparent, but it future-proofs your setup. With all of Obedio’s broadband installs we use compatible tech that is guaranteed to future proof your set-up for a long period of time.

  • Smart Home Devices: As IoT devices multiply, WiFi 7’s ability to manage numerous devices simultaneously becomes invaluable, especially for smart homes with diverse connected devices.

  • Internet Speed: If you have a high-speed internet connection and engage in data-intensive activities, WiFi 7 can significantly enhance your experience. However, consider your current internet plan to ensure it aligns with WiFi 7’s capabilities. If you are already an Obedio customer we’d be happy to help tell you if WiFi 7 is suitable for your unique situation.

WiFi 7 - For the Pioneers of Tomorrow

If you are interested in upgrading your WiFi set-up or would like to discuss in more detail to see if upgrading would really benefit you, contact Obedio 0333 322 3434 or email team@notspot.co.uk and one of our support team will get back to you.


WiFi 7 marks a significant leap in wireless technology, offering faster speeds, improved efficiency, and enhanced performance. Upgrade decisions should align with your needs, device compatibility, and local internet speeds. Assess the benefits against your usage requirements, and if an upgrade is in your plans, rest assured you’re future-proofing your setup for the long haul. While it may take some time for existing devices to catch up. Upgrading to WiFi 7 in the present promises visible improvements in your wireless experience. If you are interested in upgrading your WiFi set-up or would like to discuss in more detail to see if upgrading would really benefit you, contact Obedio 0333 322 3434 or email team@notspot.co.uk and one of our support team will get back to you.

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